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Mise à jour : 07/10/2020
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After many years in a major french automotive company as Quality Responsible on international projects, I have lauch my own consulting company.

DSQConsulting has been launched  to support and bring quality experience for automotive suppliers who need to reach or maintain a certain level of quality efficiency.

I have a certification as ISO 9001 certified auditor.

On the basis of 8 years of quality experience with international suppliers; I can lead all inspection and quality advice audit in order to qualify the existing quality situation; identify the points to be implemented; propose some action plan, and follow the ISO 9001 processus in order to obtain the right quality level at the best price for automotive industry.  

key words: qualite / quality - automobile/  automotive - asie chine / asia china

Secteur d'activité: 
Services aux entreprises
Réorganisation / pilotage d'activités en QCD (Qualité, Coût,Délai.)
Maitrise procédés et moyens de production associés
Amélioration processus / conduite de plan de progrès ou d'amélioration continue
Audit et accompagnement aux normes ISO9001 - ISO/TS16949 - EN9100
Les outils de la qualité et de l'amélioration continue

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